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About Us

Established in 1974.

Brooks Environmental initially was formed to help others with OSHA compliance. Dr. Margaret Brooks (Ph. D. Analytical Chemistry) joined the business in 1977 and we added industrial hygiene to our capabilities. As the years went by, and new government regulations were promulgated, we added testing and consulting for asbestos, lead, radon, drinking water, indoor air quality, and many other items. Today we are respected in our field for quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Mike, Kal, and Long have each been in the field for over 20 years and are still going strong!

Keith Brooks worked for many years in the industry as a personnel manager, but he always assumed the role of safety manager as well. He was working for Chemstrand when he took the world record for safety from DuPont (that had previously held it). In 1974 he obtained a CSP certification and started his own company "Safe and Sound", which evolved over the years to "Brooks Environmental Consulting, LLC". Today the company is a partnership, and while Keith is retired, he still does all he can to help the company grow!

Brooks is an Environmental Consulting company that gives our clients the attention they deserve. In business since the 70's, Brooks has helped a countless number of homeowners, schools, small businesses, and more protect their environments!

Currently Brooks employs three consultants, who combine for over 70 years of field experience. Kal Diyoka, Michael Zubarev, and Long Thai are each highly skilled and trained when it comes to environmental testing. Every day they take on issues such as Asbestos, Mold, Lead, and Radon. We also still enjoy advice from our retired owner, Keith Brooks, who in his nineties still has a passion for the company he started!

Decades of experience, strong work ethics, and a motivation to satisfy the customer makes Brooks unique. We are always thrilled to assist another client in the CT/NY area!


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