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OSHA Safety and Hygiene

Although OSHA was written for the protection of the industrial worker, we can use it to protect ourselves at home.

Our consultants are prepared to help you comply with the laws if you are a business owner, or simply to provide a safe environment  if you are a home owner.

OSHA has researched and published exposure limits to chemical hazards and toxic substances in the workplace.  These limits are just as important at home as they are at work.  We are ready to detect, sample, test and analyze harmful substances to protect you at home or at work.

An example is a leaking underground oil storage tank which may affect your drinking water if you have a well, your landscape, or even your indoor air quality.

If your oil tank has been removed we can test the soil to see if the hydrocarbon level has been reduced to a safe level.

Training Services

We conduct training for school custodians:

  • Asbestos awareness

  • Hazardous communications

  • Bloodborne pathogens

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